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iPurpleBoba - The Bubble That Stands Out

The Bubble That Never Breaks

What’s so special about a cup of tea?

Well, let’s say that every tea brings in a kind of bond that only the rarest of occasions can do. The bond can either be with a group of people or that special someone and in some cases, it can just be with one’s own self. Teas bring in the kind of bond that never breaks. Like the kind of bubble that never breaks.

  • Brewing Bonds Over a Cup of Bubble Tea
  • Collected and brewed from the finest tea hubs in the world, ipurpleboba brings in the best of the tea leaves mixed right beside you with the best of boba in a variety of mixtures. Well, we are on a mission to craft an experience. One-of-a-kind experience. The kind of experience that transcends time and space, to create the kind of bubble that never breaks.

  • Transcending Time & Space Over a Bubble Tea!

Why Choose Us

The Bubble That Stands Out!


Brewed from Dreams!

Yes! You heard that right. ipurpleboba brings in tea leaves that are fresh from around the world. Every leaf here has a story to tell, of the lush green authenticity of where they are from.


The Perfect Boba!

Our kind of Boba will blend in just perfectly with your mood and mind. They’ll create a kind of experience that’s there to stay. The perfect Bubble Tea can never be without the Perfect Boba. Something like the ipurpleboba.


The Perfect Mix

Perfection is what we are made of, especially when it comes to our signature Boba drinks. From the milk to the mix, we believe in perfection. And when you take a sip, the perfection will dazzle your mind. Because perfection matters!


Check Our Specials

Soul Refresher is not just a drink, but an entire emotion.No other drink refreshes the soul as this one does. Apart from being super refreshing and cooling for the body, the sweet herbal flavour adds richness to the drink.

Rose milk tea is a creamy fragrant yet refreshing drink, although it’s not highly aromatic, the wonderful smell of roses comes through. A combination of rose and milk gives this drink a subtle floral taste and a smooth, rich feel in the mouth.

Cold coffee is the perfect refreshing iced drink,which is great for serving up as a drink on the go. It is delicious milky coffee served over succulent chewy tapioca pearls. They’re pretty darn delicious.

Mojito Fruit Tea is the perfect summer drink. It has a delicious blend of citrus, sweetness and herbaceous mint, It’s a beautiful twist of sweet and sour flavours with some yummy popping bubbles.

Malt Milk Tea is the drink on the move; whether you are getting into work or getting out of it, just after a journey or to begin. This drink is your stamina booster for the day.

Sleeper Malt Milk Tea has a deliciously creamy, malty taste. Which is enriched with vitamins and minerals. It’s good to go for a good night’s sleep.

The Boba Tale

Originating in Taiwan, over the course of years, Bubble Tea aka Boba Tea has become a phenomenon in the world for its unique blend. Brewed with a blend of tea leaves, milk, and the healthy boba, with every sip, you are devouring a moment captured in the Boba. Experimenting much with the original recipe, ipurpleboba has been successful in bringing in a new wave of Bubble Tea along with keeping the original recipe intact.

“Catch the moment
Drown it in the Boba
Sip it in
Like it’s a story
Fresh from a Fairy-tale”

“The Best Boba For the Better You!”

The Boba Tea is all about savouring the moment, with every sip, you are freezing a moment right out of the present, and that’s what we call the Boba experience. Every day, it’s a new experience at ipurpleboba, and that means, for every cup, right from the Boba to the milk and tea leaves, it’s all fresh. It’s more than fresh. It’s beating with life. And passion. Brewed just for you.


It’s Fine to Have a Franchise

The Boba here is the best in the world. We add our signature blends to make something even more unique out of the original. The idea is to create the kind of Tea that ventures out into an experience for those who are seeking it.
Are you interested in telling the Boba tale to your part of the city?
Are you curious enough to find out about our unique blends?
Are you adventurous enough to create the moment for your customers?
Yes! It’s fine to have a franchise.


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